Sunday, September 25, 2011

Welcome in from the Storm

This retreat week has a special feeling that only the word "welcome" can describe.  We are 7 families from all over the country that have been dealing with storms that cancer has brought into our lives.  We were supposed to be having a retreat in Hatteras and Hurricane Irene was the storm that tried to keep us away.  But one thing you cannot do is ever tell anybody who is going through cancer that we cannot do something.   Because we know that we can.  We prove it everyday and we are better for it as people.  And so we have been welcomed into the Nags Head community with open arms, big smiles, a hearty meal, and a chance to feel welcome during our storms.  Our families got a chance to meet each other and set their sights on the week ahead.  And as we all know, beautiful rainbows are often the result of a stormy day.  That is exactly what we will be experiencing this week- rainbows of hope!

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