Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pepsi Power!

The Pepsi Refresh Project is such a cool idea!  You might have seen the SuperBowl commercials that promoted the idea that rather than spending ad spot money, they were going to give away money each month instead.  The give away a whopping 1.3 million a month!!!!  And yes, I plan on strategically getting Little Pink Houses of Hope ready for our chance to receive funding.  I have already started the application for the Pepsi Refresh Project, but will not be able to be part of the voting until all of the legal docs for Little Pink Houses of Hope are completed.  I plan on being able to submit all docs by the beginning of August and being a part of the voting in September for a 250K project.

Think of this project like the American Idol of Funding.  The project with the most votes wins-period.
So here is how I need your help:
  1. Log onto the Pepsi site so that you are familiar with how things work:
  2. Get your username and login and start voting for various projects that interest you.  This will give you a good feel for how voters communicate with each other before our voting window ever opens. (Look for the Welcome/ Sign in link in the bottom left corner)
  3. You get 10 votes per day, but only one can be used for each project.  So when our time comes, it will be important to have lots of people already engaged in the process. 
  4. Spread the word about the website to your friends.
  5. Start thinking about how else you can spread the word about Little Pink Houses of Hope to increase the number of people who will be voting for us.  Examples that people have already shared:
    • I have a principal who is planning on including a curriculum unit on philanthropy and using the site as an example for the students
    •  my brother is working on a video to post to youtube
    •  my son plans on asking his teacher to post to her class website
    •  my mom talked about posting something in her bulletin in church
    • a friend plans on adding it to the signature of her email
  6. Post your idea of how you can share in the comments section of either the blog or the facebook page- your idea might be just the idea that someone else is looking for and capable of doing. 
Great job getting the word out!   We doubled in size from this time last week.  If you have not already shared our mission with your friends, now is the time!

The official Little Pink Houses of Hope website will be up and running soon- stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My science lesson for the day

I watched this video today regarding the scientific process of angiogenisis- don't stop reading just because it is a big word:) This guy does a great job really explaining how we feed cancers by what we eat and how to starve them by eating differently.

One of the areas of healing that I want to model at Little Pink Houses of Hope is healthy living and nutritional balance. I have learned a great deal about nutrition during the last year and have started switching to a more organic lifestyle and increasing the number of plant based foods in my everyday eating. But it is not easy- I am still a sucker for a good bag of M&Ms.

Check out the video! I would love to hear your thoughts.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Put on my shoes and run towards my dream...

On June 15th, 2009 I was officially diagnosed with cancer. We were supposed to be leaving the next day for a family vacation to the beach and I asked my doctor, "can I still go?". He answered with an emphatic YES! Then proceeded with the killer caveat- "you better go and enjoy yourself because when you get back you are ours for the the next year."

With that statement, I packed my bags and headed to the beach with my husband and son. We have been vacationing in Buxton, North Carolina for the past 15 years, but this trip was going to take on new meaning for our family in more ways than we could ever imagine.

We arrived at the house and I put on my running shoes to try to clear my head. That night, we were going to tell my son I had cancer and I was dreading even thinking about the experience. So what better way to handle it than to put on my shoes and run away. Little did I know that I was running towards something.

I ran down the Old Lighthouse Road and when I got to the end of it I was incredibly perplexed. Here was a big compound of houses with a chain link fence around it and no one in sight. I ran around the fence trying to find some marking to help me better understand what it was. I finally came across a sign that indicated that it was owned by the US Coast Guard. It looked like a ghost town. Completely abandoned with no one in sight. Tons of houses, a playground in the middle- it looked so lonely. And keep in mind this is all oceanfront property access.

I turned around and started my run back to our beach house. The thought that these houses were supposed to be mine kept running through my head.... I could paint them pink...Little Pink Houses...I could create a cancer retreat center... families could come to get away from the daily life of cancer...I am supposed to do something amazing with just found out you have cancer...what are you thinking?

As I ran back, I stopped at the realtor office to get the 411 on the property. The properties were owned by the Coast Guard, but they had abandoned them 5 years earlier. Dare County was trying to get the properties to use for affordable housing for firemen, teachers, etc. There are 23 houses in the compound that are in pretty decent shape.

What a great distraction for me. Here I am staring down the barrel of telling my 12 year old I have cancer a mere 24 hours after I have found out, and I have already starting making plans to change the world with this compound of houses. I laughed at myself (repeatedly). Talk about getting cancer and thinking that you are going to change things right from the very beginning. I was laughing even thinking about it and realized I better focus the rest of my run on how to tell my son that our world is about to change.

All week long, these houses kept calling to me, in a way that I cannot explain. Sometimes you do not know what you are supposed to do until you trip across your destiny. In my case, I feel like I ran right into it on a warm summer day in my running shoes.

For the past year, Dare County has been in negotiations with the government for the properties. As of 2 months ago, they officially dropped out, leaving the properties in limbo again. I have contacted the Coast Guard and they have scheduled a tour for us of the properties on June 15th of this year- exactly one year from the date of my diagnosis. I have been dreaming about this compound for the past year- thinking about the difference that it could make for breast cancer families.

Whether it is the purchase of this compound or some other property, I am certain that Little Pink Houses of Hope will become a reality.

Please feel free to follow this blog and join our facebook group for Little Pink Houses!/group.php?gid=127453510602795 .  You can also find me on twitter @jpclilpinky