Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seeing the light

Friday morning gave all of our families a chance to have a professional photography session by Kate and Daniel Pullen.  It was clear through their lens that there was a lightness of spirit in all of our families.  To keep with the theme of light, our families had an opportunity to climb the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  With big smiles, sore calf muscles, and soaring spirits, they climbed the 267 steps to the top!

Then we said our final goodbyes and realized that your Little Pink family will stay with you forever.  They are in your heart, in your prayers, and will forever be in your life. 

Friday, May 18, 2012


Thursday was a very Zen like day.  We had a group in the morning that did jewelry making (thanks to the amazing Ginny Flowers at Cloud 9!) and a second group that went fishing on the pier.  In the afternoon, we had yoga at Spa Koru in Avon.  Both activities seemed to give everyone a chance to just relax and focus on something else. 

 The quiet serene room of our yoga session.... no pictures taken because we were just too relaxed!

 And we are so proud of one of our volunstars who is leaving in the morning to go back and graduate from Elon on Saturday!  And we got to celebrate as a Little Pink family!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little Pink Conditions

It has become a running joke this year about the weather and how it can be sunny or calm, but when Little Pink is ready to paddle or surf we get the "Little Pink Conditions"... that really is just code for wind, rain, rough water, big waves- you name it.  But the Little Pink conditions only make our women, kids, families and volunteers stronger by showing that nothing- nothing can keep us down.  And today was no exception.  We had a chance to surf in some pretty amazing conditions.  And we came out on top!

We were too busy having fun and kinda forgot to take pictures the rest of the day! 

The kid inside!

We have one tough group that will not let anything get in their way of a good time... the wind, the rain- nothing could keep us off the water! A big thanks to the wonderful guys at Ocean Cure, who made every minute tons of fun for everyone!   We were all like little kids today- trying something new and succeeding!  There are WAY TOO MANY pictures to post of everyone stand up paddle boarding, (the black skies and rain are proof of our ability to overcome any adversity- cancer can't stand a chance!)
 Here are a few pics to wet your whistle...

Here is a link to all the stand up pictures:

We had a wonderful lunch at the Seaside Inn - complete with sunny skies and tons of fun!  Even the Ocean Cure guys got in on the fun!

The day ended with Moms and Dads being shuffled off to a Dinky's, a great restaurant right on the water, for dinner. 

When Mom and Dad are away, that means that the kids must play!   Holly Austin and the wonderful volunteers at Hatteras Realty put together a night of fun for all of our kids! 

The "big" kids in the pics are the Ocean Cure guys who I believe will have real difficulty leaving after surfing lessons tomorrow.   They are a great reminder to never forget the kid inside, lest you forget the joy of play!