Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Pink Houses on TV!

It  is exciting to think about all of the people who are graciously reaching out and embracing the Little Pink Houses of Hope vision through their support of the Pepsi voting campaign.  I received an invitation today to tape a segment for the WFMY News 2 Good Morning Show to discuss the organization and the voting campaign.  The segment will air the week of Sept. 6th!  What a great way to reach a larger audience to help us in our bid for $50K and to garner support for the organization!

The business voting cards also came in and they look great!  Please let me know if you need some as you promote Little Pink Houses of Hope

This week has been vital to getting out the word regarding the Pepsi Project voting campaign.  A quick reminder:
  • Send out any information to local print, radio, and media.  These outlets usually take a little time to respond.
  • If you plan on putting information in your church bulletin, remember that you usually have to submit this ahead of time.  Check with your church office.
  • Any school contacts should be made to give them time to get students to help organize.  A student run campaign will have a better chance of being successful than a top down campaign.
I am thrilled to have so many people on this journey together.  I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people!  Thanks for all of your hard work in getting the word out!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Ready!  It is time to really get started with promotion for Little Pink Houses and the Pepsi Project!  A group of volunteers has created TONS of materials for you to use to get the word out about the Pepsi Project.  There are flyers, radio spots, press releases, school announcements, church bulletin announcements, FB posts, name it and it has been created!  A special thanks to all of the people who used their creative gifts to make all of the materials.

Set!   Look through the online materials link at Think about how you can use the materials and people that you know who might be interested in helping to promote it.  Through our meetings, we have came up with some wonderful ideas:
  • targeting college students through their organizations
  • using key personnel in school districts/ schools to promote on a daily basis
  • creating a pyramid of people who will help through organizations like Avon
  • targeting medical center waiting and treatment rooms
  • talking with ladies groups/ organizations
  • using PTO groups
  • getting information on listservs and email groups
  • using Facebook and social networking sites
  • putting in church bulleting or handing out church flyers
  • capitalizing on large groups of people (football stadiums, etc)
  • creating a way for students to earn community service hours
  • talking to everyone that you can think of!
And of course, many more.  You will undoubtedly think of things that work for you and your community.  Print off whatever tools you need to help make it happen and you are set.  A few words of caution:
Remember that some of the letters/docs need to be adjusted with either a connection or place (specifically the letters).  We will get the texting code on Sept 1st and it will be put in the HS flyer at that time.I have ordered tons of the voting business cards, so please let me know if you need any of them. 

GO!  Voting starts September 1st, so it is important to capitalize on timing.  For example, go ahead and start sending out something to a radio station now, but you will want to wait til Aug 31 to post anything on Facebook.  Or, go ahead and contact schools now to discuss how you can promote it with students and parents, so that you are able to be in full swing on Sept. 1.   But remember, September 1st is right around the corner.

As I have been preparing, I have had unbelievable support from anyone that I speak to in the community.  People are happy to help- especially since it is a vote, rather than someone asking for money.  They want to help but often times they do not know how to help- they just need to be asked.  Take a look at the document "How Can I Help" so that if anyone asks you what else they can do besides voting you will be prepared to answer.

Thank you for all of your love, support, and willingness to jump in and help.  With that said- there are 11 days til voting begins!  Let's get out there and show the world what Little Pink Houses of Hope is made of!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Pink Fever

Little Pink Fever hit Mebane on Monday night!  A group of wonderful, caring people got together to brainstorm how to get the word out for the Pepsi Project.  With the great ideas that came about, we are bound to win!  One of the most beautiful parts of the night was the unbridled enthusiasm of the middle school students that attended.  They always have a way of reminding the adults that there are no boundaries.  We are creating press releases, flyers, voting business cards, Facebook announcements, school announcements, etc.  There will be so many avenues by which you will be able to get the word out, no matter where you live.  We are meeting again next week on August 19th to go over the finished materials and to start the process of disseminating it. The meeting will be held virtually, so please let me know if you are interested in attending.

On a separate note, I am writing this from the chemo waiting room.  When I finish my treatment today, I will have 2 treatments left!   Little Pink Houses of Hope is such a huge part of my life now, but this morning I am reflecting on all of the people sitting in the waiting room who are only at the beginning of their journey.   It is a scary place to be and one that makes you a member of a club in which you never asked for an invitation. The past year and 3 months has included an unbelievable range of emotions.  I am thankful to have had so many wonderful people supporting me and helping me maintain a positive outlook.  The world of cancer can be a very depressing place- which only makes me more motivated to bring Little Pink Houses to Life.  A surgeon friend told me right after the diagosis that the hard part is not dying from cancer, but finding a way to live with it.  That is my goal- to help make a difference in the way people view how they can live with cancer.  That is where my motto for Little Pink Houses comes from..."helping families live stronger, laugh harder, and love deeper". 

This was written on Friday, Aug 13th and posted on Sun, Aug 15th.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tired and happy!

What an exhausting two days!  But it was all worth it tonight when I hit submit for the Pepsi Refresh Project.  I had worked tirelessly on the application, the video, and putting the website together and was thrilled when I saw the screen that said Hooray!
Our application was accepted and official voting starts on September 1st.  Keep your fingers crossed that we get through the review process- just a formality.  We will know by the middle of the month.  For tonight, I just want to revel in HOORAY!  And a special thanks to Jake who dealt with his neurotic mother during the 3 minute submission process!

You can check out the new Little Pink Houses of Hope website at