Saturday, May 4, 2013

A "Boatload" of fun!

You have all heard of a fisherman that goes out and catches a fish and returns to shore to speak of how big the fish was.... and then it gets bigger, and bigger with every telling.  Today, we had our big fish story!  And it needs no embellishing- because we caught it on film and it was BIG!  A BIG Mahi perfect for dinner!

While the girls started out their day with massages (no pics needed), the guys started out the day on the Pot Luck with Capt. Hank on a private charter trip.  The pictures tell it all!

The day quickly started to fade and we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset cruise on the Kekoa for our last night.   We even called in an order for a pink sunset, delivered right on time!

Then it was off to dinner at La Plancha, where owners Jason and Sara spoiled us with a meal consisting of fresh caught Mahi from the morning and steak.  The final meal gave everyone a chance to say reminisce about the wonderful week and start saying good byes.  

 And for many of our couples, they are going home sporting the signature St. J bracelet.  A reminder of a trip that they will never forget!  Thanks to all of our couples for making the first ever St. John, USVI Little Pink Couples Retreat an absolute joy and for showing us each day, how to live stronger, laugh harder, and love deeper.  

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Time to eat and eat again

Today was a free day for our couples which gave them a chance to shop, shop, and shop some more.   We met at the Banana Deck for a wonderful lunch and then more shopping... and then our couples went out on the town for a Date night!