Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two or Three Things....

Earlier today, I sat in church and absolutely knew that each and every word of the sermon was directed at me.  Has that ever happened to you?  In fact, after the service, I joked with the preacher that he must have placed a bug in my home, my car, and my mind.  Each word, each sentence, and each passage was meant to speak to me.  The subject was a little known story about Moses' father in law giving Moses advice about being able to do two or three things well and trying to get him to see that he cannot do it all by himself.  (Exodus 18)

Coming up on the second year of Little Pink, this message is where my heart has been for the past eight weeks.  I have been preparing for the amazing continued growth of Little Pink this year.  I have been studying, getting expert advice and mentoring, reaching out to people that I know are committed to our mission, being open to brand new people who want to take on new roles within our organization, and praying that I will be able to guide an organization that is sustainable to do God's work over a long period of time.   The dream and vision for Little Pink still continues to expand and amaze me- but this year, we are grounded in putting together a top notch organization that can fully function to grow exponentially over the next few years. 

And what I know and have learned is the same as the message at church today.  I am really good at two or three things.  I will even go out on a limb and say what I think that they are:  1) I have the ability to see the top of the mountain and figure out how to get there without letting the trees get in the way.  I dream big, think big, and expect YES as the answer.  and 2) I take time with people, hopefully making them feel like they matter- because that is how I feel.  Each person is a gift and I want to give to each person my real, authentic self, but more importantly, want to get to know them.  This can have the outcome of motivating people and embracing new ideas. 

You will notice, my list is short- two things!  What that means is that we need LOTS of help!  So as all of the new applications roll in, think about how you might want to use the 2 or 3 things that you are good at to help with the mission and the vision of Little Pink and meet the needs of this new batch of families.  This Wednesday, we are having a volunteer meeting at St. Mark's Church in Burlington at 6:30 pm for anyone interested in becoming a part of our organization.  Please attend- we would love to meet you!  If you live far away and are interested, please email me at  to find out details of our GoTo Meeting at 4 pm, Wednesday, January 25th. 

The big announcement of the day is that 2012 Little Pink Breast Cancer Family Applications are OPEN!