Sunday, November 28, 2010

Triple D's

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to travel to Austin, TX to attend the Living Beyond Cancer Retreat.  Besides meeting amazing people, I was struck by one of the speakers, Dr. Samuelson.  He gave a great talk about being a man with breast cancer, living with a balance of hope and acceptance, but the most important thing he said has resonated with me all week.

"Pack your bags and move out of the Village of Someday"

Read it again- the message is clear.  And what I realized is that I am so far out of the Village of Someday!  I realized how hard it was for me to accept that I needed to move forward and just make Little Pink Houses of Hope happen.  I had a million excuses to keep me from diving into the unknown and not accepting the direction laid out for me.  Forget the fact that I did not have a business background, or that I knew nothing about property donation, IRS non-profit filings, accounting, marketing, etc.  What I had was HOPE that I would be given everything that I needed to make it happen.  The right people, the right knowledge, and the right direction.  I remember living a life in the Village of Someday.  My life is so much more amazing than I ever imagined now that I have left the village. 

But it is not easy to leave.  Rest assured, I know the comfort and convenience of the village.  And then at church today (we are members at St. Mark's in Mebane), the preacher had a similar message that hit home and one of the reasons that I started Little Pink Houses of Hope.

"Direction Determines Destination"

And it hit me again- that is what I have tried to do- point my God given talents and energies into a direction that is about helping breast cancer survivors and families.  The destination seems like Little Pink Houses of Hope, but really it is about the one on one connections that will happen as a result of LPHOH.  The destination for me is about creating a positive journey for others.   Bob then asked three important questions to ponder when dealing with the decisions in your life and the direction where you want to go?
1.  What is the WISE thing to do?
2.  Why are you thinking about doing it?
3.  If a loved one asked you for advice for the same decision, what advice would you give?

So I guess the big question today is- Where are you?  Have you thought about how your direction will determine your destination?  If you are in the Village of Someday, maybe it is time to pack your bags!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From the heart.

If you only knew how exciting it is for me to pick up the phone and have the person on the other end share their story of what has motivated them to help Little Pink Houses of Hope.  I am always humbled and touched by the Little Pink supporters. 
This week, I recieved a call from a friend that I had not heard from in years.  She is a 2nd grade teacher who had mentioned the focus and mission of Little Pink Houses of Hope to  her students.  Like most teachers she went on with her day, hoping that maybe the lesson about helping others got through to her students.  Time went by and to her suprise, she was contacted by the student council faculty rep to inform her that Little Pink Houses would be the new charity beneficiary for all of the spirit days that the school conducts.  But how did it happen?  Enter the heroine of the story.  A young 7 year old student who was moved by our mission went to the student council and presented her idea to change the charity to support LPHOH.  Can you imagine this little 7 year old walking in with her plan?  Amazing.  My heart is touched by a young girl who decided that all she had to do was act to start making a difference in the world.  A big heartfelt thank you to the newest group of supporters from Claxton Elementary in Greensboro, NC! 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Momma always said....

If you have ever had the chance to meet my mom, you know that she was dropped into a family of very competitive athletic kids who loved to win.  She could have cared less about whether we won or not.  She was the person routing on the sidelines who never really understood the rules, yelled "good goal" when it was really a basket, and ALWAYS told us that it was how we played the game that was more important than winning.  She would usually pirouette out of the kitchen after such a statement.  She is a joyful woman indeed!

Well, the PEPSI refresh project is over and I am so happy with HOW we played the game.  I am able to track various aspects of the contest and we have had people from all over the country and the world voting for us.  We have had thousands of people on any given day casting a vote of support for the dream of Little Pink Houses of Hope!  People telling their friends and complete strangers getting involved in the organization.  Although we did not finish in the top 10, we came very close on numerous occassions (as high as 17th one day).  We have had donations coming in from places as far away as Texas! (Thanks to the great group of Bunco ladies for donating their card proceeds).  We have had beach houses donated, fundraisers locally, and most importantly, we have made my mom proud.  Because in the end, the PEPSI project was not about the $50,000 prize, it was about creating a culture where everyone can be a part of something.  It was about spreading the word about the mission and values of LPHOH.  It was about getting to know each other.  It was about starting the foundation for an amazing organization that has grown by leaps and bounds.  It is about celebrating life!  And it was about a lot of voting.  Thanks to everyone who voted religiously over the course of the past 8 weeks.  Your dedication to the cause will never be forgotten.   When you see me, know that I will buy you a PEPSI (or a Coke for the matter). 

And with that, I am going to pirouette out of the kitchen.