Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From the heart.

If you only knew how exciting it is for me to pick up the phone and have the person on the other end share their story of what has motivated them to help Little Pink Houses of Hope.  I am always humbled and touched by the Little Pink supporters. 
This week, I recieved a call from a friend that I had not heard from in years.  She is a 2nd grade teacher who had mentioned the focus and mission of Little Pink Houses of Hope to  her students.  Like most teachers she went on with her day, hoping that maybe the lesson about helping others got through to her students.  Time went by and to her suprise, she was contacted by the student council faculty rep to inform her that Little Pink Houses would be the new charity beneficiary for all of the spirit days that the school conducts.  But how did it happen?  Enter the heroine of the story.  A young 7 year old student who was moved by our mission went to the student council and presented her idea to change the charity to support LPHOH.  Can you imagine this little 7 year old walking in with her plan?  Amazing.  My heart is touched by a young girl who decided that all she had to do was act to start making a difference in the world.  A big heartfelt thank you to the newest group of supporters from Claxton Elementary in Greensboro, NC! 

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  1. From the mouths of babes. It's amazing what innocence can do.