Friday, September 30, 2011

Sailing Through

Friday brought pictures on the beach, looking for seashells to fill the Little Pink Christmas ornament, and a walking tour of Manteo.  At noon we set sail on the Downeast Rover and enjoyed lunch and relaxation under the sails.   The evening was full of hugs and goodbyes as we all set sail on our next journey to take a piece of the beach with us – living stronger – laughing harder – and loving deeper.   

More play in the day!

After an early morning thunderstorm, the families headed to the pool for some more fun in the sun.  We had wonderful fellowship around the table during lunch provided by the Village Beach Club, and then headed out for more playtime. 

The evening was brought to a close by cup stacking games with families battling it out.  But in the end, we all cheered each other on, laughed at the silly glasses and joined in singing Happy Birthday. 

The women delighted in their handmade crochet beanies with some added flair.  Everyone enjoyed more play in the day!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

When the cat's away the mice will play

In the morning, our families had a chance to learn some wonderful jewelry making crafts and techniques from a local artisan, Ginny Flowers, the owner of Cloud 9 here in Nags Head, NC.  There were bracelets, rings, backpack fobs, necklaces, and tons more made.  But more importantly, it was a morning to relax and connect with each other over a new skill.  The dads took the morning off while the women and kids beaded. 

And then it was time for Date Night!!  Date night is always a special time for parents to go out while the kids play with the Volunstars.  Our couples got a chance to relax and press the pause button of life and share a wonderful meal. 

The kids got a chance to play miniature golf, eat pizza, and try their hand at Twister.  Neither the rain nor the mosquitoes could slow down their fun.  It is wonderful to see the Little Pink family enjoying each other so much this week!