Monday, September 26, 2011

Party til the lights go out!

What a wonderful day!  The clouds broke, the rain subsided and we got to enjoy a wonderful morning on the beach!  Giggles and smiles everywhere.  It reminded us that the simplest pleasures are the ones that stay in our hearts for years to come.   
Do you remember the cool feeling on your skin as you were buried in the sand?
or the feeling of catching a wave and riding it all the way to the shoreline?  

or maybe putting your toes in the sand as you sit in your chair and watch the waves come in? 
or the joy of a little kid (or big kid) giving you a hug just because you are you?  

or the ability to search for shells and forget about all of your cares in the world?

or the thrill of playing the way that you want and not worrying about anyone else?

or just to be able to look at the person that you love and be content in the day?
Our day was full of simple pleasures. 

We spent the night at the volunstar house enjoying a homecooked meal and played some games.  We played the first ever round of Little Pink Celebrity!  The party only stopped when the lights went out (literally!).  So happy to be surrounded by such wonderful, caring, loving families.  My heart is bigger today from getting to know each of them.  Thanks!

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