Saturday, June 2, 2012

The first real milestone

What are you most proud of?  That was the question asked of me earlier this week.  I think the person asking was expecting an answer about Little Pink.  The answer they received is one that has brought me to tears over and over again today.  The answer is, “I made it to the first real milestone, Jake’s 8th grade graduation- and I am here to soak it in and celebrate”.    I set lots of goals when I was first diagnosed with cancer like doing a 5K; learning to stand up paddle; having a 4oth birthday party; walking a mile each day during chemo, etc.   But those were all goals that were about getting through my cancer.  The goal to be at Jake’s graduation is the one that really mattered.  It is the one that has kept me going.  Even though I am feeling well, once you have cancer you realize how quickly life can change.  So these milestones are very real.  Because at the center of everything in my life, it is not about the bucket list or the cool new things happening, it is about cherishing the people that I love and NEVER wanting to leave them. 

Some parents brought flowers to their kids, some brought gifts.  My son sat on my bed earlier today and told me that it has been a rough couple of years- mom’s cancer, dad’s heart attack, losing two grandparents, and plenty more.  But at the end of that sentence was, “it is great to have it be such a good day”.  And if you have never met Jake, he is an amazing kid.  I sat tonight and watched him walk across as the only male in his class on the A honor roll.  He was awarded the highest average award in theater class, a class he loves.  He won the MVP for basketball.  He was given the highest honor of the school, the Royal Award, which is voted on by his classmates for the student that epitomizes living a Christ like life.   

But what he has truly won is the unbelievable respect of his mom and dad.  We have watched him grow up and grow through some pretty tough things and he perseveres because his faith is strong in the Lord.  He is who he is because God has a path for him that includes greatness.  Everything might not go his way, but he continues to go God’s way.  His heart is huge, his love for others immense, and the bottom line, he is just a great kid! 

And when I wished 3 years ago to be here for his graduation, that cancer would not rob me of this moment, I never imagined that he would be able to come through it and be such an amazing kid!  He inspires me and humbles me.  Happy Graduation to my baby boy!

The next big milestone is teaching him how to drive- wish me luck!