Friday, April 27, 2012

Hangin Ten, Burning Rubber, and a Fairy Tale Ending!

Our families are all about trying something new and we are giving them lots of opportunities!  This morning started with surfing lessons!  We had a huge group surfing and the instructors from Ocean Cure were amazing, helping us get up and feel like we were shredding it! 

In the afternoon, I did something I hardly ever do- take a nap!  (this was a direct result of having sore muscles from my surfing)...So, as our families went go-kart riding, I slept.  By the time I got there to meet Terry and all of the families, they were busy hanging out!  This is all an attempt to explain why we do not have any pics of people actually going around the track.  You will just have to trust us!

And then the night ended with a wonderful meal by the Southern Coastal Women's Club at the home of Mary Beth and Mike King.  A wonderful home, a delicious meal, a surprise visitor, a gift from the heart, and tons of laughter. 


 The kids got to take a swing at the pinatta....

And then a surprise guest by Cinderella!!!!

 A wonderful, generous local artist and owner of Saltwater Studio, Kristin Gibson made hand made Little Pink scarves for each of our women.  

 At the end of the day, I am left wondering... how did it get to be Thursday already??!!!?!?!  Looking forward to our final whole day together on Friday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I have a seafood baby in my tummy!

 We cancelled paddle boating in the morning because of the rain and found the wonderful joy of Kate's Pancakes to start our day.  Paul greeted each of the women who came to breakfast with their own Little Pink House.  So adorable!
And then after being stuffed with pancakes, some families went shopping, some took naps, some had a girls morning of manicures and pedicures, and others headed out for a misty walk on the beach.  A hamburger and hot dog lunch could not be deterred thanks to the grill skills of Dennis Ebersole and the cooking and wonderful fellowship of Tammy and the Kure Lutheran Church.

And Wednesday night is known for being date night at a Little Pink Retreat.  The kids get to act crazy and the parents get to act like adults!  Mike and Shelley McGowan welcome us with big open arms at Michael's Seafood Restaurant in Carolina Beach when we are doing a retreat here.  They are huge supporters with hearts a mile wide. The food was delicious and as one of our moms posted when she got back,  "I have a seafood baby in my tummy!"    Thanks for a wonderful night!

and of course the kids PLAYED HARD!

On the way home tonight, I heard the song with the following words, "nothing compares to the greatness of knowing you Lord"... that is the joy that I felt today talking with each family.  I am thrilled to be able to see him so clearly in the beauty of the people who have become part of the fabric of my life through serving him.   So I thought I would end the night with a song that stirred my heart.....