Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dinner with 39 of our newest friends....

The 2012 Little Pink Retreat season has started with the beginning of our Kure/ Carolina Beach Retreat!  We have 10 great families from far and wide.  Once again, the kids all became fast friends and the parents had a chance to meet, hear about the week, and start connecting with other adults (luckily they get to do that when we are feeding their kids sugar in a separate room).... We had lots of birthdays and celebrated them with a Little Pink cake. 

From the first hello...
 through a wonderful dinner...

times making new friends....

Thanks to Paul for making us our own Little Pink Corn Hole game, for Kate and Bob for a wonderful dinner with all the fixin's, and for my awesome husband, Terry, who celebrated our 17th anniversary tonight with me and 39 of our newest friends! 


  1. Jeanine I am so excited that your retreats have started!! Looking forward to following them all, and praying for the families...XOXO
    Kristie McFarling

  2. I so wish I was there already. I'd spend the whole summer volunteering. I have already received an e-mail from one of my intake families and they are so excited and already enjoying themselves.

    We are working hard to get there in July and I have faith God will get us there.

    Be with Terry & Jeanine and bless them today the day they made vows to each other and to you to love each other for their lifetimes. Be with them as they selflessly serve these 39 women, men, and children. Pour out blessing like only you can do and let all the honor and the glory be given to you. Amen.


  3. Happy 2012 Retreat! Let the games and fun begin! The pics are amazing! Jeanine, you are an amazing woman for making this happen for those special families. God bless and love you and Terri and the awesome volunstars!
    Love, Shari and Rob

  4. Congratulations on starting your second year of these amazing retreats! I am very proud and happy for you, it looks amazing!


    Marie Elliott