Friday, November 9, 2012

Smiles and Hugs- a great way to end the week!

   The final night is always a fun time for families to say their goodbyes and start getting ready to leave the Little Pink Bubble.  It was a wonderful week that will never be forgotten!  Thanks for opening up and sharing your wonderful families with us! 

A rip roarin' good time!

Today was FULL!  We started off with a tee time at 7:40 and didn't stop until the last person sang at Karaoke tonight!  Two of our families went golfing at Prestwick Golf Course and had a great morning of fun....

 and then it was off to tackle paddle boarding!  We had a beautiful, crisp fall day and everyone who was interested got a chance to give it a try!  Thanks to Charlie, Joey, and Ted for the equipment and lessons today! 

 and then we capped the night off with a good old fashioned bon fire, roasting marshmallows, and singing some serious karaoke!

 All of the dads got up and sang a song for our moms...
 And one of our kids song a special song for his mom for her birthday- giving everyone a chance to dance!

 The family sing along was a big hit!
 As was a rip roaring rendition of "Call me baby" by all of the kids and the biggest kid!

Sometimes a day is just great because it is in its simplest form it just makes you happy.  That was today!