Friday, September 16, 2011

New Hope

With another sunny day in Oak Island, the families found themselves enjoying the coast and the natural surroundings.  Some went boating and fishing with Captain Streeter, while others rode horses and ponies on the farm with Tonya Hart. Exuberance was in the salty air and connections among families were deepened.

Bob’s Dogs was a big hit, and families were greeted by owners and employees who were glad to serve.  The lemonade was the perfect accent to a breezy 82-degree day.   
A professional photographer, Heba Salama, spent the late afternoon taking beach photos of the families – a true treasure for years to come. 
The evening was complete with a house full of laughter and savory pizza from the Pizza Shack.  Sitting around the table reminded us that even though our stories may be different, all of us are trying to find our way- just like the sea turtles.  We have spent the week watching closely as the sea turtles have been waiting to hatch.  What have we been waiting for?  New beginnings... new hope.

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