Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A lesson learned...

Another gorgeous day in Paradise.  The reality here is that you do not have a single, solitary care in the world.  Our couples have decided to leave them all behind and just play, have fun, relax, and connect.

The day started off with Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons!  Thanks to Randy from Big Planet for helping to make this happen!  And for all the many lessons we learned today.  



 And then we got to sit in the shade and enjoy a wonderful lunch provided by Woody's Restaurant!

 Before heading off to the Hawk's Nest beach to recover from paddleboaring...
Get in a little snorkling....
 And just enjoy hanging out with the guys!
 Showers and naps got us ready for our cocktail reception at Motu! (Thanks Dawn!)

And then being completely spoiled with the best view of St. John, delicious food, and amazing company at Asolare Restaurant.  

And the night ended with an amazing sunset 
 and then a gorgeous view of Cruz Bay at night....
We can all take a lesson from the smiles on their faces and the joy that radiates with their relationships!

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