Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Power of Caring People

"If you build it they will come" of my favorite lines from the movie, The Field of Dreams and very fitting for the past couple of weeks with Little Pink.  St. Mark's Church in Burlington built an amazing weekend that highlighted, promoted, and supported Little Pink.  And the church community came out to support Little Pink in amazing ways!  They donated food, drinks, boogie boards, beach towels, bikes, money, coolers, paper products- you name it and they donated it!  We also conducted two volunteer meetings and have 15 new dedicated volunteers!  The following movie was shown during the service

So a few weeks ago, Melissa and I had a chance to visit the kids at Claxton Elementary, which has adopted Little Pink as their school charity (if you missed the original moving story of a little girl named Avery who started this crusade, click here).  The kids were amazing and are doing a great job taking their "fun" days and uisng the proceeds to sponsor a family to attend a Little Pink Houses retreat.

The girls of one of St. Mark's small group decided to be a part of the "Change for Hope" campaign.  The girls will be collecting change in water bottles that they can donate to Little Pink to support a family or volunteer.

And this morning, we completed the Little Pink Houses 5K as part of the Great Human Race.  We had 14 runners/ walkers who braved the cold weather and represented the first part of our motto really well- Live stronger.  We even found a way to use the Little Pink socks as cool headbands to keep the ears warm!

April fundraising events:
Todd Wirt and friends are competing in a 10K in Oak Island and raising money for Little Pink.  You can donate for his race here.

The Elon University Cheer, Dance, and Rugby teams are holding a Fitness competition on April 17th at the Rush's Gym in Burlington.  They are fundraising and donating their proceeds to Little Pink to support a family to attend a retreat!  You can check out their page and donate to the cause by clicking here.

If you would like to join in the Change for Hope campaign, just email us and we will send you labels for the bottles to get started TODAY!  Email me at

Thanks to all the people who believe in Little Pink and are willing to go the extra mile to help our retreat families! 


  1. What a wonderful update on all of the great things happening with LPHOH!

    So sorry we were not able to walk today. The LPHOH twin spokesbabies are sick, and I took advantage of an opportunity to rest.

    Rest assured, we will be throwing our support behind the other April LPHOH fundraising events!

    Love you!