Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Families for the first two weeks of Little Pink Houses of Hope Family Beach Retreats in May and June were notified TODAY!  So let me introduce you to the people that will be joining us this summer.  The average age of the breast cancer mom attending is 37 (I agree too young).  The average age of the child attending is 8 years old.  Families applied from 30 different states and Canada.  The majority of women attending are currently going through treatment (surgery, chemo, or radiation).

But those are just statistics.  The real story is that they are moms with daughters who will be graduating from high school next year.  They are mothers with sets of twins (we have numerous families with twins this year).  They are women who have found themselves divorced balancing going through the journey alone and raising their kids.  They are wives with men who have devoted themselves to their marriage in the face of treatment induced infertility.  They are daughters who have mothers who have cared for them while they have undergone treatment.  They are in charge of car pool.  They are wonderful women with beautiful families and they are getting a chance to live stronger, laugh harder, and love deeper this summer at a Little Pink House beach retreat. 

The first retreat is 5 weeks away!  Will still have lots of work to do to get ready for their arrival.  Wondering how you can help?  We have volunteers working hard and are still looking for people willing to help.  We are in need of people willing to volunteer to attend a retreat week and care for families.  We are in need of grocery store gift cards (for perishable items), and financial donations.  If you would like to support one of these families, please feel free to donate at http://www.littlepinkhousesofhope.org/



  1. And they are thrilled, grateful, blessed -- beyond words. God bless you and everyone involved for the incredible work you're doing.

  2. My family and I are involved for the first time as cottage owners, we are so excited to be part of just a wonderful project. It was a good story to be able to explain to the grandkids how we were sharing so that the moms can come wtih their kids to the beach and spend some time healing with their families. They thought that was way cool. It is a great event where everyone who participates benefits..

  3. Judy-
    so glad that you and your family are coming...I am inspired by the strong fighter!

    and Billy
    You are a great example of the strong fighter! Giving of your house while fighting off the dragon yourself! Your grandkids have a wonderful story of strength and sharing with the love that you give to the people around you. I am excited that we have become connected through this endeavor and I look forward to meeting you one day!

  4. Amazing work you are doing! Wow! Words cannot say the gift you give to these families. People underestimate the work and LONG journey fighting cancer presents to those affected. I too have an 8 and 10 y.o. and they have been my greatest heros in my fight. It's good to let go and enjoy a few beautiful moments together leaving the world behind (away from hospitals)!