Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photographs and Paddling

This morning Evan Scott donated his time to take professional photographs of each family. Everyone showed up looking their best and excited to have the photos taken. Families went straight to kayaking and stand up paddle boarding where four men from Odysea eagerly taught everyone how to paddle board. The kids who were big dancers last night continued their dancing on the paddle boards. One kid even did some break dancing and a hand stand. Wednesday night is date night so while the kids stayed at the pool and ate pizza with the volunstars, the couples spent a nice dinner alone at Michael's Seafood and the single women had a special evening bonding with each other a couple lucky volunstars. The kids had another night of ghost crab hunting that started immediately after their parents picked them up. This time all of the kids got involved and the night became known as the Crab-a-thon Craze.

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