Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Day of Little Pink Firsts

All five families met on the beach today for a morning full of messy fun. The kids loved boogie boarding and swimming in the ocean. It was the first time in the ocean for all of the younger kids, but they all jumped in quickly like they had done it a bunch of times before. Everyone came together for the egg toss and a shaving cream fight. It was a great morning for the families to get to know each other and relax in the sun. After an afternoon of free time everyone came together at the volunstar house for dinner and fishing. One of the boys caught the first fish on a Little Pink retreat. There were fiddler crabs right off the dock that the kids chased and caught. The twins worked on a crab containment center to try to keep all of the crabs in one place. Most of them got away. They caught two hermit crabs that they affectionately named Hermie and Herman before letting them go. Melissa caught a stingray to the excitement of everyone watching. After everyone left a group of kids went hunting for sand crabs on the beach outside of a family's condo. Prepared with large bowls and flashlights, they screamed with excitement as they caught and carried eight crabs down the beach.

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