Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tons of Fun Tuesday!

It was a very busy day!  We started the day at Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Miniature Golf.  One of the highlights of the trip was finding the missing red ball on the 13 hole that was launched by an excited 4 year old on the third hole.  But the greater highlight was just spending some quality family time together.  And that was really the wonderful thing to see today.  Although we plan lots for families to do during a retreat week, we are really just creating opportunities for families to play together, laugh, and just enjoy being a family.

After a wonderful lunch at the OuterBanks Brewing Station, a small group went kayaking.  We had a couple of first time kayakers- including me!   One of our dads sang us down the river, even while he pumped water out of a boat that had a hole in it.  Great to see wonderful attitudes, adventurous spirits, and relaxation at the forefront of our activities for the day.

The evening ended with the Nags Head Carnival.  The town is celebrating its 50th anniversary this week and a generous donor gave our families tickets to attend tonight.  Have you figured out yet (after only just 3 posts) just how generous the community here on the Outer Banks is?

Teaser for tomorrow... will they fish or "catch"? will they "see" glass?  and do you know what "date" it is?

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