Monday, June 13, 2011

A day of Hellos!

Greetings from Kill Devil Hills- site of the Little Pink Houses of Hope Family Retreat Week! I am going to try to give a little more insight to the week throughout the posts each night. On Sunday, our families arrive and we are so excited for all of the planning to connect with real live people! It is great to hear about their journey, meet their children and learn who they are. What a gift to meet such special people. Our Volunstars take their families to their homes and show them around. When I took my family to their home tonight, it gave me great joy to watch the excitement of one of our 4 year old boys as he discovered that he was going to get to sleep in the Pirate Room (three cheers to the owners who decorated it!). Then our families meet for dinner and get a chance to start connecting. Pictures from today were all taken at our family dinner...

We are looking forward to a wonderful week full of laughing harder, living stronger, and loving deeper.  Your teaser for tomorrow... it involves shaving cream, hang gliding, and the pool! 

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  1. Prayers are being lifted for a safe and wonderful week for LPHOH. Lorraine