Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Behind every good woman...

Plain and simple- the men of the first LPHOH retreat are AMAZING.  They are funny, have BIG hearts, and are full of love for their wives and kids.  But what makes them extra special?  They are doing it- they are loving their wives in ways that are so special with everlasting gifts of compassion that only something like a diagnosis of cancer can bring.  Often times as women we think that our cancer is a burden or that our men don't deserve to go through all of this stuff.  But the truth is, when you are with the right man that loves you through it, we get the chance to see the completeness of their love.  So we are the lucky ones.  Thanks to Bobby, Rob, Joel, Doug, Frank, and Tim for showing us...and of course to my man and special volunteer this week, Terry!  You are a great group!

P.S.  Yes, we have tons of adorable photos of the kids- but today is about appreciating the LPHOH men!  Check back tomorrow to make sure that the kids are still around:)

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