Sunday, June 20, 2010

Little Pink Houses Beach Trip

Follow the link to see my video!!!
Video footage from Buxton, NC
This week has had its ups and downs.  First- the US Coast Guard contacted us late on Thursday to let us know that the compound in Buxton that started it all was going to be put back into Congressional subcommittee which made it illegal for anyone to view the property on an official tour.  So our June 15th date was cancelled.  But coming back to Buxton this week with my family only got me more excited about all of the possibilities.  Whether it is this area or some other area, I know that amazing things will be happening with Little Pink Houses of Hope.  To have more insight into the properties, I used my Flip video camera to shoot some video of the complex in Buxton.  It was even more amazing than I remembered!  A few details: 
  • the complex contains 23 different houses
  • it includes a playground and a community center
  • it is located directly across from the beach
  • it needs to be painted shades of pink!!!
I still think that this is one of the most restorative places in the world. 

Follow the link to see my video!!!
Video of Little Pink Houses Buxton Trip 


  1. Jeanine, the video was awesome! I could feel your energy and excitement through the computer! God is working wonders through you...How amazing...How can I help?

  2. This place is awesome!! I love being able to see it thru your eyes (and your camera!) I can see why it inspired you as it did...what a WASTE...just sitting empty :o( Sorry things did not go as you had planned this week...but I know will NOT give up! Love you my friend and keeping you and your cause in my prayers! :o)

  3. Jeanine the video is a great visual of the site. Keep the faith Jeanine, "man" humans plan and see one thing happening, but when God has ordained something to be, it will be! No matter what it looks like right now, KEEP THE FAITH! and when your vision and dream is a reality, WOW - give God all the thanks!, I know I will. I believe in your dream and I'm right there with you!! Let me know when I can help with any kind of labor you might need:) Love ya!!

  4. So for those of you asking to help.....
    This week, I am in search of a lawyer willing to help with the non-profit legal stuff willing to do it pro-bono. If you know of any leagle eagles, let me know. It appears Terry and I have done a poor job making friends with attorneys- we really do not have a good connection in this arena.

    Don't worry.... I will need TONS of help. I was called to this idea, but I was called to do it with others and share the journey!