Saturday, June 26, 2010


Don't Stop Believin' may have been one of Journey's most famous songs and Gleeks all across the country now are aware of that, but it has also been the motto for the week.  It has been an amazing week of feeling like Little Pink Houses of Hope has the momentum rolling!   It started on Monday when I met with a fellow survivor who helped me create more of a strategic plan for LPHOH.  Check!  The week got better when I learned that my mammogram results showed "no evidence of cancer".  Check!  Then I met with my surgeon, who is an amazing woman who said that I was doing great physically and wanted to be a part of Little Pink Houses of Hope.  Check!  Confirmed my first member of my Board of Directors.  Check!  Doors to donors started opening up.  Check!  Had a riveting conversation about fundraising and financial structures with my LPHOH mentor from Lighthouse Family Retreat who always makes me feel like I can do anything.  Check!  Put together important LPHOH documents.  Check! 

You will notice that it has been quite a week.  I fully believe that by putting my intention out into this world that wonderful things will happen and this past week has been proof of that.  And I have lots of people wondering how you can help.  So this week, my post is about putting together a checklist to help you better understand the mission of LPHOH:
  • Read the Little Pink Houses of Hope information sheet.  Ask questions if you have any- I am happy to talk about the big vision and the mission.   But I also know that this group is capable of amazing things because of our common belief in wanting to help others, and I need your help.  The best PR will be from the people who understand the mission of LPHOH and can discuss it with others. 
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  • Identify a part of the mission, structure, and/or need that you can personally relate to and can use in conversations with others.
  • Think about people that you can forward the information sheet to, like friends and family.  Spread the word!
Imagine if each person in our group plays an active role in LPHOH- Amazing!  What role do you want to play?  

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