Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Paddling towards survivorship

Stand up paddling boarding day is one of my favorite days at a Little Pink Retreat.  Why?  Because it is an activity that everyone can participate in with a high level of success.  During the cancer journey, you can feel robbed of feeling like you are truly living in an adventurous way.  Life is full of appointments, doctors, and maintaining your family to the best of your ability.  Paddle Boarding allows each of our families to conquer something new and feel empowered!  When you are out on a board, cancer is absolutely the last thing on your mind.  It is wonderful for the kids to see their moms living in such an adventurous way.  Today was  a great day on the water!!

 We had a fun night at the house hanging out and playing games!

 I do believe this should be our new marketing plan!.....

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