Friday, December 9, 2011

Handprints on my Heart

It well may be  
That we will never meet again  
In this lifetime  
So let me say before we part 
So much of me 
Is made from what I learned from you  
You'll be with me  
Like a handprint on my heart  
And now whatever way our stories end 
I know you have re-written mine  
By being my friend...
"For Good"  

Today I am so clearly aware of the handprints on my heart placed lovingly and gently by each mother, father, child, and volunteer who have been a part of a Little Pink retreat and that I now consider part of my family.   

Three of our beautiful moms have been struggling with the final part of their journey over the past three weeks in hospice care.  One of our moms died late tonight.  She had a spark, a smile, a laugh that was infectious.  She has an amazing 9 year old son full of life, a husband that adores her.  Tonight my heart wraps around them, holding them tight.  

I spent the afternoon with another Little Pink friend, beautiful M.  Her hand so soft, her heart so loving, her body so tired.  Before she ever came on her retreat with her wonderful husband, we spoke of the idea of healing and we both agreed that healing was not about just fighting the rogue cells in our bodies, healing is about finding completeness in our lives.   Finding a completeness in every part of your life- your faith, your family, your purpose, your friends, your spirit.  She has lived beautifully and completely.  Tonight my heart wraps around her husband to help support him as he loves her through it.  

And our dearest A.M. continues to show her strength as she holds on to the ones that she loves.  She has an amazing spirit and a husband who adores her each and every day with an excitement like they are still newlyweds.  Tonight, my heart wraps around them both as the manage to find peace and comfort.

But all three of these women came into my life with purpose and meaning.  I have been changed forever by being their friend.  There is a richness that they have brought to my life that is inexplicable.  That all of our families have brought to my life.  And so tonight, my arms wrap around my husband and my son and the memories that we have as a family of these beautiful mothers, husbands, and children.  For tonight, we are truly blessed for being able to call them part of our family.  


  1. all of us have been deeply thankful for the time we had as a family in a wonderful place, you and your volunstars made us so welcome and happy....You have touched our lives! much love Jeanine, you deserve it!

  2. Jeanine, you have no idea how much I am thankful that you started Little Pink and I was able to meet you and these wonderful, incredible families. We/I have developed amazing friendships with these women, that I will cherish in my heart, always. They each taught me such wonderful things along our journey. God Bless and much love, Shari

  3. That is a beautiful poem. It sums up my feelings this week as I lost my grandmother at age 100 (she was a 15 year bc survivor)who died of old age and a good friend age 58 to triple negative bc. I have stage IV bc but am currently in remission. You do wonderful service to all survivors and warriors.

  4. Lovely post, so nice to meet you I have just found your wonderful blog and I now following you so I can visit often, if you find a minute visit me sometime follow back if you would like to nice to make new friends. Hope you have a great

    Always Wendy