Thursday, July 29, 2010

A hoop and a cause

I have been completely in awe this week by the people who have came into my life. Some people think it is God's hand at work; some think that it is the cosmic energy of the universe; some feel that when this happens it is kharma. Whatever you believe, it is happening in my life and it is so crystal clear that I am being surrounded by people to help me make the Little Pink Houses of Hope dream come to life. You anticipate that your family and friends will support you, but it is when complete strangers jump in full force that you feel the true power at work.

My son has been at the Chris Duhon basketball camp this week and CJ, the director, and I have connected each day. He tells the story of how he met the NBA player Chris Duhon. He was working as a skycap at the airport when Chris was late for a flight in college. He asked for his help to make his flight and CJ ran him through security in a wheelchair to make his flight. At the time, he did not know who he was, just that he needed help. Long story short, Chris came back the next week with tickets for CJ to the Duke-Carolina game and a friendship for life was born. CJ now trains Chris and runs an entire set of basketball camps around the country.

CJ has been amazing all week working with Jake and bringing our family into his life.   What a gift that is because his heart is huge and his personality is infectious.  His wife is a cancer survivor and he has offered to conduct a fundraising benefit for Little Pink Houses of Hope this year that will include some of the Globetrotters (some of which are counselors at Jake's camp) and other basketball players. He said it best, "People come into our lives to help in the critical moments that matter". I believe this to be very true!

This is just the most current example. I have had so many people that I have had the priveledge to meet or get to know better because of this journey. I am so lucky to be going down this path each day. And I am so happy that you are a part of the journey.


  1. I know it is God's hand at work!! :o) This is some awesome news!!

  2. This is another sign that God is present and blessing your work. And it is awefully inspiring!